The Wolf and the Flower; a Mimato shrine and fanlisting

Words & Opinions

Mimato mutterings and meanderings

Aahhhh, the fever dream that is Yamato and Mimi! Here's some (rather tongue-in-cheek, sometimes) words about the pair, because I need to spread the delusional love somehow ♥ I realise my opinions are no more (or less, I suppose) important than anyone else's, but here they are.


The ubuquitous Ishida Yamato-kun.


The divine Miss Mimi Tachikawa.


Explain the reason behind this utter madness at once!


So, yeah, about that 'e' word...


Love triangles are passé, and everyone has two hands.

alternate ending

I demand a better future.

best ship!

Don't worry, I'm only semi-serious.

in defense of

I like what I like 'cause I like it; deal with it.

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