The Wolf and the Flower; a Mimato shrine and fanlisting


all the creativity, all the time...mostly

Creative stuff! Made about other people's copyrighted characters! It's never stopped me before and it ain't gonna now. This is all just my own garbage unless you're having flashbacks to early 2000s era fandom and want to submit some of your own things, which will be happily accepted!


aka, "I was too tired to write an actual fic".


stuff that never happened in far as we're told.

fic recs

stories I personally love. maybe you'll enjoy 'em too?


there was a point in my life where I thought I could draw. (I was wrong.)

FSTs and such

music for Mimato! go download some!

Mimato fanart archive

Nothing is ever truly lost on the internet.

avatars and icons

Yes, Virginia, there is life after Livejournal.

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