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This is the page where you can find out nearly all the nitty-gritty details about the construction and execution of the long-lived delusion that is The Wolf and the Flower. Hooray for insanity! Especially the Mimato-flavoured kind.


The Wolf and the Flower first premiered on the web in the May of 2001. Yes, that is over two decades ago, it was as bad as it sounds -- a fairly run-of-the-mill Mimato shipping site with all the standard bells and whistles attached, hosted first on Virtue.Nu (before the 0Catch buyout), then Geocities for some years, and then finally on my own webspace, under various domains I've owned ( being at least one of them). Over the years, it's evolved into what you'll soon see here: with any luck, a shipping site that stands out from the rest (and has buried its embarrassing past but good. ^^; In my defense, we were all just kids when Digimon started! Kids are embarrassing! I think that works as an excuse...) A lot of my opinions on all things Digimon have changed and re-shaped themselves over the years, but my love for Mimato has only grown with the years, so I thought it was high time to bring the shrine back to its former glory. And with the recent Digimon continuations having been released (and Yamato and Mimi having close to zero interaction, as tradition demands!), well, that just settles it. And the rest, as we say, is...well. ♥


BOTH (because two is better than one!) headers in rotation on this layout were made with official art of Yamato and Mimi in their Last Evolution Kizuna and tri. incarnations, respectively, brushes from mohaafterdark and gvalkyrie, and a really terrifying amount of milky mocha. (What? How are you even supposed to do anything without pumping caffeine into your bloodstream?! What do you mean, there are people who don't? I don't believe you.) It was put together with a combination of Adobe PhotoShop CS6 and Araneae. It is HTML5 and CSS valid. It's been road-tested on Opera, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows 10, and appears to display clearly on all of them. Like all my layouts, I strive to produce something that is attractive but still globally accessible, so if you have any problems with readability in this layout, please do email me.


The fanlisting is powered using the Robotess forks of Enthusiast and CodeSort for PHP7, originally by Angela Sabas and Jenny, respectively.


The Wolf and the Flower ( is © 2001-2024 Rin, some rights reserved. Site design, text, and graphic content is not to be reproduced without explicit permission of the webmistress. Digimon Adventure/Ishida Yamato/Tachikawa Mimi are © Akiyashi Hongo/TOEI Animation/Bandai 1999-. Used without permission but with no intention of infringement, for non-profit, educational purposes in accordance with the "Fair Use" clause of Title 17, Section 107, United States Code.

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